Private Training

Elevate YOUR Game!



Western City Basketball offers Semi-Private Training sessions for Boys & Girls aged 8-15 in St. John's. All Training sessions focus on helping youth develop their basketball skills.  This high quality instruction and skill focus of our training sessions help young individuals develop their basketball skills through additional training in addition to regular season programs or rep team participation. 


What to expect: Athletes will work on their individual game with our experienced trainers in a gym with 1-4 other athletes and trainers. Each session is one hour long, with focus on only YOUR game. The topics we will focus on are: 

  • Strength, Flexibility & Conditioning

  • Ball Handling, Passing & Footwork

  • Triple Threat, Shooting & Rebounding

  • Offensive, Defensive & Game Strategies

  • Mental Aspects, Teamwork & Life Skills

  • Nutrition, Basketball IQ and Decision Making

Our Philosophy:  Our development philosophy is based on having a support system that cares for our athletes, but isn't scared to get under your skin and push you to your best. There are multiple different angles of being an elite Basketball player, and we believe in exploring all of these angles. At Western City, we strongly believe that fundamentals are the most important things to be mastered. Once those are taken care of, we will take the time to add other dynamics to your game. 


Times & Registration:

Email to book your slot with our trainers!