Danny Loveless

Founder & President

Danny Loveless has been heavily involved with Basketball as a player, and a coach for the last 11 years. Today, he is known as one of the biggest names for upcoming elite coaches in Newfoundland

 As the founder of Western City Basketball, Danny used his love of the game as an opportunity to train youth athletes at a high level. His positive work environment pushes athletes towards his programs. A mix of constant hard work and positive energy, separates him from other youth coaches.

Danny's history of playing basketball brought him playing experience at a High School and Provincial level. His involvement in the sport continued when he began working as a Head Coach at the young age of 14.

Through his years of experience learning and coaching the game, Danny brought his passion to set out on a mission to form an elite youth basketball program in St. John's that promotes athletes before anything else, the culture of Western City Basketball