Fall 2018 Intermediate Hoopers Program

Note: This program is co-ed (Male & Female athletes)

Registration CLOSED until September 2019


The Western City Basketball Intermediate Hoopers Program is designed to give children an early introduction to basketball, and prepare them to play the game at a high level.

Children are exposed to a fun environment, with a focused curriculum. Our trained instructors focus on teaching shooting form, game rules, lay ups, positioning, dribbling technique, and a coach-able attitude and work ethic!

Sign up to work hard, and have fun!

Age Grouping:

  • Athletes going to (In September 2018) Grade 3-4

Times & Info

  • When: Sundays 5:30-6:30

  • Dates: September 30th - December 2nd

  • Where: Cowan Heights Elementary

  • Price: $145.00